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Gospel of Luke Ch. 24

This video concludes Luke’s epic portrait of Jesus of Nazareth. The disciples discover the empty tomb and eventually have their entire view of the world turned upside-down as they meet the risen Jesus. Luke shows how Jesus’ kingdom of God mission to its climactic moment, and he sets the stage for its continuation in Luke’s […]

Word Study: Nephesh – “Soul”

We explore the Hebrew word “nephesh” that often gets translated as “soul,” in this penultimate installment of the Shema word study series. While the English word should usually refer to a non-material essence of a human that survives after death, nephesh means something different. It is referring to humans as living, breathing, physical beings, or […]


“Justice” is a felt need in our world today and a controversial topic. But what is justice, exactly, and who gets to define it? In this video, we’ll explore the biblical theme of Justice and discover how it’s deeply rooted in the story-line of the Bible that leads to Jesus. Website: Explore our videos: […]