Science and Faith in Service – Daniel Yoo

Lumynt brings professional scientists who are also Christian to low income students around the world to teach hands on science. While most Christian missionaries serve in childcare, construction, and medicine, our community of scientists desired to serve through their God given gifts. We desired to provide a space for these men and women of science […]

The reconnect is necessary (calling the church to service) – Mike Brock

The church has put the carriage in front of the horse. It is a place where the hands and feet have been cut off and it has become a talking head. Where are the hands and feet? They can be found in the countless non profits, government, and faith based programs serving our cities. Why […]

Interview with Regina Evans at TBC’s Large Group Gathering in Oakland – May 14, 2016

I was filming interviews with the @wemassmedia crew at TBC’s Large Group Gathering in Oakland on May 14, 2016. To my delight, I realized that Regina Evans of Regina’s Door was also at the event through a Facebook post that popped up on my Timeline from Dave Nederhood. I immediately messaged Regina to see if […]

Project What Extent

Seeds of greatness lie within each of us. And cultivated together, we can pioneer hope and freedom in this world. Why not us? The only question remaining is: What extent will you go? Join the movement: