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Becky Pomerleau – Life’s Not Fair: Dispelling the Urban Legend of a Deserving Heart Attack Victim

Recently at the age of 34, Becky nearly lost her life to a rare cause of heart attack, Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection (SCAD). While 40% of heart attacks in women under the age of 50 are a result of SCAD, the causes of SCAD remain unknown, and women continue to be underrepresented in cardiac research. […]

Shane Russell – Silicon Bureaucracy: Improving the software that powers our country

The Department of Veterans’ Affairs, also known as the VA, spends hundreds of millions of dollars each year on software projects that fail to launch, and billions more on projects that are behind schedule or over budget. The VA is not alone. Almost every agency in the federal government, from Health and Human Services to […]

Al Erisman – Navigating a Technologically Infused Society

While some of us are engaged in building new technology devices and systems, all of us are affected by technology. Technology enters our personal lives, our organizational lives, and it shapes our society. Some argue it goes further than this, taking over each of these arenas. The societal impacts may be the most subtle, introducing […]

How We Can Change the Outlook of the Autism Community – Helen Koon

According to the CDC, in 2014 the prevalence of ASD in the United States was 1-in-68, up from 1-in-166 in 2004—the year my 6 year-old-son was diagnosed with ASD. Some ASD adults enter college, some go through vocational training (these often have long waiting lists), but many are not able to get a job or […]

Ted Hahs – How To Acknowledge & Eliminate Systemic Poverty

Jesus gave his followers a mission: “Go therefore and disciple nations.” The implications of this mission go far beyond just making disciples of individuals it is about bringing holistic sustainable positive transformation to the whole of society. Rather than just try to alleviate the symptoms of poverty we can and must change the entire system. […]

Angelo Blancaflor – Authentic Online Witness

How an online writer’s group is forming life-changing friendships God has prepared a rich set of relationships with the people we meet in online communities, but investing in those relationships as real, significant parts of our lives is challenging. The first barrier is authenticity – how do we include our spiritual lives without breaking trust […]

Discovering Your Purpose – Alex Sung

A life without purpose is a life without knowing who you truly are, what you were created to do, and how to make the most of the time you have. Without purpose, we become depressed, stressed, worried, and bored out of our minds. Come learn what both psychology and theology has to say about discovering […]

Shamichael Hallman – Global Leadership Team, Code For The Kingdom

There exist both tech-minded church leaders and faith-driven technologists. Yet there are few opportunities for these two groups to interact. 1 Chronicles 12:32 mentions a group of people (tribe) known as the sons of of Issachar, noting that they “understood the signs of the times and knew the best course for Israel to take.” We […]

Passion Talks 2016 – Tracy Holsclaw

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Kevin Paterson – Fatherless Generation

The Cultural Wreckage and New Rising Reformation – “Divine strategy to restore America’s Families, Singles, Churches and Workplaces” Cultural wars have eroded one of the main pillars of healthy society—Fathers. America has been shattered by dramatically rising rates of divorce, broken families, single mothers, crime, addiction, and prolonged singleness. In this talk, Kevin Paterson, will […]