Passion Talks

Allan Mishra – VITALITY Zone: Living a Fabulous Life Before You Flatline

Do you want to learn to live in the Vitality Zone? In this discussion, Dr. Mishra will present how he discovered that vitality is a skill that can be learned and taught. He will also share his personal journey with the audience revealing a series of vetted vitality pillars and tips. His insights about vitality […]

Anime Evangelism: My Journey to an Unlikely Ministry – Gwen Leong

For many believers, evangelism is a dreaded aspect of being a Christian. I struggled with this for many years. When I gave my love for anime (Japanese animation) to God and invited Him into that part of my life, everything changed. Psalm 34:7 became a reality, and I learned an essential element about evangelism that […]

Discovering Your Purpose – Alex Sung

A life without purpose is a life without knowing who you truly are, what you were created to do, and how to make the most of the time you have. Without purpose, we become depressed, stressed, worried, and bored out of our minds. Come learn what both psychology and theology has to say about discovering […]

Free Enterprise Solution to the Global Education Crisis – Abigail Bach

What would life be like if you only attended third grade? Well, that’s life for hundreds of millions of children around the world. Edify’s mission is to improve and expand sustainable Christ-centered education globally. We believe that a quality education can help break the cycle of poverty, and that imparting Christian character can break the […]

Hacked: How Christian Hackathons Are Creating a More Effective Model of Engagement – Shamichael Hallman

Scripture reminds us that each and every person has been equipped in a unique way to serve the Kingdom. We are reminded that none of these gifts are more valuable than the other and that through working together not only can we have a strong, vibrant, and far-reaching church, but also a world that moves […]

His Heart for Art – Brittany Dorr

His Heart for Art is a non profit coffee and art space in which people will develop their ears to hear and their hearts to feel God’s love, mysteries and depth while using creativity, imagination and innovation to create a revival in hearts and our cities. I remember sitting in church a few years back […]

How We Can Change the Outlook of the Autism Community – Helen Koon

According to the CDC, in 2014 the prevalence of ASD in the United States was 1-in-68, up from 1-in-166 in 2004—the year my 6 year-old-son was diagnosed with ASD. Some ASD adults enter college, some go through vocational training (these often have long waiting lists), but many are not able to get a job or […]

Love More to Create More: Christian Work Ethic in Silicon Valley – Ian Patterson

Silicon Valley often gets criticized for making trendy things that don’t really help people. It can be a valid critique. So why don’t we see more empathy and more “social good” from this wonderful region that values creativity so highly? Perhaps it’s because we need a new understanding of the relationship between creativity and our […]

New Creation Inns: Leveraging Silicon Valley INNovations for explosive Kingdom Growth – Bill Breck & Mike Parkyn

Inns are a new kind of in-depth small group that harness the power and joy of the new creation in Christ. The inn we see in the parable of the Good Samaritan emphasizes supportive, transformative community—Jesus’s answer to the pre-eminent question, “What good thing must I do to have eternal life?” Through inspired community and […]