Passion Talks

Sacred Space: The Entrepreneurial Church – Brandon Napoli

What would your community look like without churches? Without entrepreneurship? Between 4,000 and 7,000 churches close their doors every year. There has been 44 percent decline in new business startups, through all industries, between 1978 and 2012. These trends have led sacred places and entrepreneurs, two seemingly mutually exclusive pillars of society, to become symbiotic. […]

The Missional Tech Worker – Alex Shih

Isaiah 65 proclaims that God will reconcile all things, and His Kingdom will triumph by bringing redemptive blessing to every tongue and tribe. This is an encouragement to those of us in Silicon Valley. Technology has the potential to dignify, empower, and mobilize all people groups, especially the poor and disenfranchised. One of the most […]

How We Can Change the Outlook of the Autism Community – Helen Koon

According to the CDC, in 2014 the prevalence of ASD in the United States was 1-in-68, up from 1-in-166 in 2004—the year my 6 year-old-son was diagnosed with ASD. Some ASD adults enter college, some go through vocational training (these often have long waiting lists), but many are not able to get a job or […]

Weak made strong on social media (reaching the forgotten through social media) – Emiliana Martín

Jesus wastes nothing. After recalling memories of child abuse, I started a blog. Initially, I just wanted to blow off steam and let victims know healing was possible. Really, all I was doing was ranting. It felt great, was necessary but I wanted to do something more. Along came game- changing inner healing that transformed […]

Free Enterprise Solution to the Global Education Crisis – Abigail Bach

What would life be like if you only attended third grade? Well, that’s life for hundreds of millions of children around the world. Edify’s mission is to improve and expand sustainable Christ-centered education globally. We believe that a quality education can help break the cycle of poverty, and that imparting Christian character can break the […]

The #1 Way to Connect With Children and Why It’s Important – Aaron Gering

Every Kid in the world has at least one thing in common. No matter the culture, creed, age, or grade level, every child has a deep desire/need for fun. Some people do not see children for what they are. The ten-year-olds of today will be thirty years-old in twenty years. Children are the future. If […]

Why & How to Pursue Your Passion: A Christian Googler’s Job Search – Grace Chen

If you don’t mind me asking… how did you get into Google? In Fall 2015, I grasped for clear direction and direct answers while searching for jobs—only to discover the infinitely greater treasure of God’s character. It was this experience that proved to me how much God desires each of us to become whom he […]

Of Men and Maintenance: Usability & the Art of Medical Device Maintenance – Julia Choi

The assertion that “plumbers run the world” belies the premise that letting innovation drive engineering design is sufficient. While plumbing may seem dull for engineers drawn to new and shiny designs, often a greater proportion of effort is required for mending (maintenance) to help sustain making (innovation). In medical device design, incorporating reusable can be […]

When a Little Blue Bird Flaps Its Wings: How Twitter is Changing the World – Bret Staudt Willet

Could the flap of a butterfly’s wings cause a tornado? In chaos theory, small changes in initial conditions are shown to have profound effects later on. Designed as a simple tool to share “short bursts of inconsequential information,” at first Twitter offered just a few initial actions. Many of the features that are most iconically […]

Risk Value vs. Shock Value: Symbolism in Art to Engage Culture & Spirit – Marie Tielhard

How might Christian artists use common objects and pictorial devices to explore contemporary issues and transcendent themes? This lecture will advance ways in which visual artists can create art that amplifies moral messages, stimulates the senses, and encourages diverse interpretations. Given the growing attention to surreal and conceptual art through digital and social media platforms, […]