Passion Talks

Sacred Space: The Entrepreneurial Church – Brandon Napoli

What would your community look like without churches? Without entrepreneurship? Between 4,000 and 7,000 churches close their doors every year. There has been 44 percent decline in new business startups, through all industries, between 1978 and 2012. These trends have led sacred places and entrepreneurs, two seemingly mutually exclusive pillars of society, to become symbiotic. […]

The Secret to be Courageously Kind – Lavinia Harjono

When was the last time you sincerely compliment a stranger? When was the last time you thanked the janitor and the mailman? When was the last time you shared a smile with that difficult co-worker at your office? In a world full of busyness, we are often drawn to “mind our own business”. It’s easy […]

Ryan Gray – Love Who You Are and What You Have; and You will Change the World

Will you live up to your potential? Will you change the world today, tomorrow or the next day? I used to live as a stereotypical Christian male. Then something changed in my life. I felt unfulfilled, dissatisfied, under-utilized and under challenged. I blamed everyone and everything, until I realized that I had only myself to […]

Delong Meng – Is any belief rational?

Belief in God is often seen as irrational because it requires a leap of faith. We ask a more basic question: is there any belief that is rational? We first document the evidence from psychology on confirmation bias, which shows that people actively look for information that justify their existing viewpoints and discard information that […]

Nancy Yuen – Googleyness, God and me: Authenticity @ Work

When I arrived at Google, I was intimidated in sharing my faith in an outward manner and feared Google’s motto of “bring your whole self to work.” The concept of understanding what it meant to be a “Googley” Googler was my pursuit for the 1st year and how it would support or conflict with my […]

Unity: a history of race and the American Church and one woman’s story of moving from the old paradigm towards the new – Nicole Dickens

“11 am Sunday mornings is the most segregated time in America” Martin Luther King, Jr., 1960   “11 am Sunday mornings is STILL the most segregated time in America” Condoleezza Rice, 2017   Unity is something God expects of His Church. It is bred out of holiness – another thing He expects of His Church. […]

Rijo Simon – Global Missions needs Engineers

As a college freshman, God displayed delight in my basic HTML skills to create a website, which had ~10K monthly unique visits (and the third most unique visits) from Saudi Arabia. This talk sheds light on the existence of many low-hanging problems in global mission fields, which await God-loving engineers for solutions. If we are […]

Al Erisman Saturday – What Does Mathematics Have to Do with Life?

Specialists need to know a lot about mathematics, but does this discipline have anything to do with daily life? Alfred North Whitehead once wrote, “but the ideas [about mathematics] are of highly special application, and rarely influence thought.” Though mathematics is generally taught as a precise, quantifiable tool, I believe Whitehead is wrong. In this […]

Science and Faith in Service – Daniel Yoo

Lumynt brings professional scientists who are also Christian to low income students around the world to teach hands on science. While most Christian missionaries serve in childcare, construction, and medicine, our community of scientists desired to serve through their God given gifts. We desired to provide a space for these men and women of science […]

Anna Stamborski – White ≠ Right:

The Problem With Marrying Your Culture and Theology and Steps to Broaden Your View on the Gospel and God The goal of this talk is two-fold. The first is to acknowledge the danger in masking a specific, culturally-biased theology as ‘mainstream’/’correct’ (i.e., euro-centric theology in America) and how a culturally-centric theology can stunt one’s relationship […]