Science20 Videos

Al Erisman – Navigating a Technologically Infused Society

While some of us are engaged in building new technology devices and systems, all of us are affected by technology. Technology enters our personal lives, our organizational lives, and it shapes our society. Some argue it goes further than this, taking over each of these arenas. The societal impacts may be the most subtle, introducing […]

Becky Pomerleau – Life’s Not Fair: Dispelling the Urban Legend of a Deserving Heart Attack Victim

Recently at the age of 34, Becky nearly lost her life to a rare cause of heart attack, Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection (SCAD). While 40% of heart attacks in women under the age of 50 are a result of SCAD, the causes of SCAD remain unknown, and women continue to be underrepresented in cardiac research. […]

Danny Kim – How to get downloads from God

From the example of George Washington Carver who was able to get a “download” from God to innovate the secrets of the peanut, how can we as technology, business and education professionals get downloads from God? This session will provide personal examples from a 30 year old tech startup working with the largest companies in […]

James Kelly – How to Build a Faith and Technology Movement

“I don’t know my place in the church.” It was only two years ago I heard this sobering phrase over and over from some of the most brilliant tech wizards in the world. Since, I have been on a quest to solve this very problem. It took me into a brand new emerging world – […]

Rijo Simon – Global Missions needs Engineers

As a college freshman, God displayed delight in my basic HTML skills to create a website, which had ~10K monthly unique visits (and the third most unique visits) from Saudi Arabia. This talk sheds light on the existence of many low-hanging problems in global mission fields, which await God-loving engineers for solutions. If we are […]

Gabe Kanelopoulos – The Revival of Inventive Thought

Engineering design principles have sculpted the relationship between humans and nature since the dawn of existence. The practice of reverse engineering has sought to inform inventive thinking by understanding function in designed systems. Recently, new paradigms in design theory have also aided the analysis of complex natural systems. For instance, affordance-based reverse engineering helps to […]

Shane Russell – Silicon Bureaucracy: Improving the software that powers our country

The Department of Veterans’ Affairs, also known as the VA, spends hundreds of millions of dollars each year on software projects that fail to launch, and billions more on projects that are behind schedule or over budget. The VA is not alone. Almost every agency in the federal government, from Health and Human Services to […]

Tim Brown – Discrimination hurts: The effect of discrimination on the development of chronic pain

This talk presents an examination of the hypothesis that psychological distress due to perceived discrimination can result in chronic pain, where perceived discrimination is based on age, gender, race, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, height/weight, religion, and other characteristics. Using a sample of 1,908 individuals from the two most recent waves (2004–2006 and 2013–2014) of panel […]

Ryan Collins – Be-lov-ed: Representing the Love of Christ in the Tech Space

There is a strong curiosity for spirituality in Silicon Valley right now (see recent NY Times article, “Where Silicon Valley is Going to Get in Touch with its Soul”). And, I believe just as the Apostle Paul recognized the statue to the unknown god in Greece and spoke to the Areopagus–the epicenter of human intellect […]

Delong Meng – Is any belief rational?

Belief in God is often seen as irrational because it requires a leap of faith. We ask a more basic question: is there any belief that is rational? We first document the evidence from psychology on confirmation bias, which shows that people actively look for information that justify their existing viewpoints and discard information that […]