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His Heart for Art – Brittany Dorr

His Heart for Art is a non profit coffee and art space in which people will develop their ears to hear and their hearts to feel God’s love, mysteries and depth while using creativity, imagination and innovation to create a revival in hearts and our cities. I remember sitting in church a few years back […]

Love More to Create More: Christian Work Ethic in Silicon Valley – Ian Patterson

Silicon Valley often gets criticized for making trendy things that don’t really help people. It can be a valid critique. So why don’t we see more empathy and more “social good” from this wonderful region that values creativity so highly? Perhaps it’s because we need a new understanding of the relationship between creativity and our […]

Risk Value vs. Shock Value: Symbolism in Art to Engage Culture & Spirit – Marie Tielhard

How might Christian artists use common objects and pictorial devices to explore contemporary issues and transcendent themes? This lecture will advance ways in which visual artists can create art that amplifies moral messages, stimulates the senses, and encourages diverse interpretations. Given the growing attention to surreal and conceptual art through digital and social media platforms, […]

Anime Evangelism: My Journey to an Unlikely Ministry – Gwen Leong

For many believers, evangelism is a dreaded aspect of being a Christian. I struggled with this for many years. When I gave my love for anime (Japanese animation) to God and invited Him into that part of my life, everything changed. Psalm 34:7 became a reality, and I learned an essential element about evangelism that […]

The #1 Way to Connect With Children and Why It’s Important – Aaron Gering

Every Kid in the world has at least one thing in common. No matter the culture, creed, age, or grade level, every child has a deep desire/need for fun. Some people do not see children for what they are. The ten-year-olds of today will be thirty years-old in twenty years. Children are the future. If […]