Zach Arnold – Solutions from Above: Why Creativity Demands Faith

“There is nothing new under the sun.” A familiar quote from King Solomon widely regarded as the wisest man to live in history rings in minds of some people when stuck at the nexus point of innovation. Almost everything we see around us is usually just a re-work of someone else’s idea. When faced with this reality, sometimes it becomes easier at this nexus point to settle for something that is an old mindset. That is to say, it is easier for us to take another idea and re-work it into our own than have a completely new and original one ourselves. During this talk, Zach will attempt to examine what true creativity looks like, how it relates to his faith, and how it plays out practically in the workplace. He will share stories of practical solutions that came from Above and prove that the new mindset creatives should have is: “I’m not under the sun.”

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