Teresa Goines – Taking Steps Toward Your Purpose: The Old Skool Cafe Story

A country girl from Arizona grows up to be a law enforcement officer, FBI Award winner, and a restaurant CEO. The unshakeable dream God put on my heart has led me down multiple career paths that I never would have chosen for myself, eventually opening Old Skool Cafe, a non-profit youth-run supper club in San Francisco. Old Skool Cafe is a restaurant run by at-risk teenagers. No question about it– this was a God-sized dream. Many of my friends will admit that they honestly didn’t think my idea would ever work or amount to anything. One close friend never even read my 3 page proposal, thinking it was just another pie in the sky idea. (He is now one of my biggest supporters!) It has always given me great strength to remember that the heroes of the Bible were just as unqualified as me! In this talk, I’ll share actionable ways for you to make a real impact, even when you feel unqualified.

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