Ryan Gray – Love Who You Are and What You Have; and You will Change the World

Will you live up to your potential? Will you change the world today, tomorrow or the next day? I used to live as a stereotypical Christian male. Then something changed in my life. I felt unfulfilled, dissatisfied, under-utilized and under challenged. I blamed everyone and everything, until I realized that I had only myself to blame for the feelings of dissatisfaction. For years, I had claimed to be a follower of Jesus, and yet for years failed to do what He Himself is most famous for doing: to love others. I began a slow, daily transformation. I began learning what it means to change the world, one person at a time, by loving anyone and everyone around me, the way Jesus does. If you feel unfulfilled, dissatisfied or underutilized, looking to your family, employer or career as the problem may not be the answer. You may have to look to yourself, and ask: How am I loving those around me?

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