Ryan Collins – Be-lov-ed: Representing the Love of Christ in the Tech Space

There is a strong curiosity for spirituality in Silicon Valley right now (see recent NY Times article, “Where Silicon Valley is Going to Get in Touch with its Soul”). And, I believe just as the Apostle Paul recognized the statue to the unknown god in Greece and spoke to the Areopagus–the epicenter of human intellect of his day–on discovering their “being” in Christ, we have an open door to share the authentic message of Love as a person in the epicenter of human intellect of our day. In this talk, I will walk through how a proliferation of mass information, minus the proper “context” can lead us down a path of “mass confusion”, and the concept of love starts to take many counterfeit forms that seem good but ultimately lead to pain and destruction (Proverbs 14:12). We will walk through what it means to bring Kingdom to the Tech space in a way that attracts people to who Love.

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