Anna Stamborski – White ≠ Right:

The Problem With Marrying Your Culture and Theology and Steps to Broaden Your View on the Gospel and God

The goal of this talk is two-fold. The first is to acknowledge the danger in masking a specific, culturally-biased theology as ‘mainstream’/’correct’ (i.e., euro-centric theology in America) and how a culturally-centric theology can stunt one’s relationship with God. Secondly, it pushes for the need to broaden one’s view of God by looking at how people from different cultures interpret Scripture and Christian practices in order to gain different facets of who God is. It will start by looking through Acts and Peter’s interpretation of Jewish practices after the resurrection. It then dives into culturally-specific interpretations of scripture and Christian practices, to give examples of how validating these interpretations can increase and deepen one’s relationship with God. Lastly, there will be action steps given to broaden one’s theological understanding outside of their cultural norms.

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