The Missional Tech Worker – Alex Shih

Isaiah 65 proclaims that God will reconcile all things, and His Kingdom will triumph by bringing
redemptive blessing to every tongue and tribe. This is an encouragement to those of us in
Silicon Valley. Technology has the potential to dignify, empower, and mobilize all people
groups, especially the poor and disenfranchised. One of the most effective ways we can serve
the most underserved parts of the world is through improving access to data and tools, which is
foundational to empowering people to discover and innovate for themselves.

My presentation will describe how as believers, we can experience the joy of advancing God’s
Kingdom to reach and empower all nations in our work. I’ll share how my personal call has led
me to work on products, create technology, and with organizations that serve as an expression
of Imago Dei and facilitate God’s redemptive blessing to everyone.

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