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His Heart for Art is a non profit coffee and art space in which people will develop their ears to
hear and their hearts to feel God’s love, mysteries and depth while using creativity, imagination
and innovation to create a revival in hearts and our cities.

I remember sitting in church a few years back and hearing my pastor share about a new, local
business in which people would pay employees to hug them. I knew then I needed to do
something, that if this is the new emotional low of our society then something needed to be
done. Our country though highly developed, wealthy and a place where citizens can achieve the
American Dream through their personal pursuits albeit is very lonely. The United States is
ranked in the top 3 countries in the world for mental illness including depression, anxiety, bipolar
disorder and schizophrenia according to a U.S. News and World Report article by Deidre
McPhillips. The solution to me seems to be standing right before me. The need for authentic
relationships, community, God’ love, truth and comfort to penetrate and heal hearts I believe is
a big piece to mental and emotional cultural epidemic puzzle.

As a young girl I always enjoyed creating something new and as an adult I strangely get a high
from starting a new project, exploring a new trail or writing a new song for my mouth to sing and
my fingers to play on my guitar. It’s been a journey though finding my way back into the art
scene after being told by many well meaning people that I will never find a career in art and to
do something more practical. In my experience the art scene is isolating without much
collaboration of artists working together, the artistic theme feels dark many times and the artists
are usually unable to make a decent income living pay check to pay check.

In the last few years I’ve jumped back into the deep end of the pool of art but this time holding
god’s hand. A young adult group that I attended had painting as a form of worship. I felt the lord
tugging at me to paint one night on stage and although I was terrified without a clue as to what I
was doing I picked up a paint brunch. I saw a picture of me laying my head on god’s chest and
heard the words, “cry on me until my withered chest becomes your home.” At the time I had
been recovering from a lot of loss and trauma in my life and was suffering from insomnia, PTSD,
anxiety and depression. I later created the painting into a poem and now think of myself not as
alone in bed at night but safely lying next to Jesus and thus sleep more soundly. I continued to
paint prophetically at the young adult group and would give my paintings to people who they
ministered to. While painting I would often feel the emotions of God for the painting I was doing
which taught me how to relate deeper to God and the person who the painting was created for.
So as to knowing part of my background with the arts I would like to share my business
proposal. I would like to have a community that teaches various creative prophetic arts

(painting, worship sets, writing, dancing, drawing, fashion design, etc.), that functions as a
family with having times set aside for prayer, book clubs, mentoring, tutoring and intentional
relationships as well as lives life wildly with a heart for adventure through planned outdoor
outings, bonfires as well as wholesome film nights with optional afterwards film discussions.
Now I understand this sounds like a lot but I truly believe from what Ive seen that the church is
in a dangerous lack of real community, friendship and adventure believing that our Facebook
status likes and Twitter posts suffice for real friendships and life. When our country is compared
to other less developed nations in which people don’t have the latest iPhones yet have close
families, villages, communities or tribes where they are known and play an important role in
these countries are not on the list of most depressed countries that are in need of Xanax or too
much coffee. Thus I would like to have a place for people (I believe all people are artists since
we are created in the image of God who is the master artist) to learn prophetic arts through
different artists that need a space to teach and collaborate and that all people would have a
place that feels like family and lives life adventurously.

I would like this to be a non-profit business to support missions with specifically focused on
rescuing victims of human trafficking and using the business as a place for employment and
recovery once viictims are rescued. This is more to be developed as the Lord leads but I believe
that it is another social injustice that can’be ignored. One of my personal heroes is Dietrich
Bonhoeffer, a pastor and spy who radically sacrificed his life in a planned attempt to assisanate
Hitler. One of his quotes that convicts and inspires me is, “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil:
not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” Although we don’t necessarily see the evil of
trafficking right before us on the streets, we do know it&’s throughout the world and I believe the
most depressing part to it is feeling like we too are victim to knowing how to put out a helping
hand to it. So I ask you to partner with me in prayer, support, ideas or resources. This is just a
dream but what I believe I’m created for and I will give my life, talents and passions to walk this
out with the Lord and see how far this path of adventure leads.

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