New Creation Inns: Leveraging Silicon Valley INNovations for explosive Kingdom Growth – Bill Breck & Mike Parkyn

Inns are a new kind of in-depth small group that harness the power and joy of the new creation
in Christ. The inn we see in the parable of the Good Samaritan emphasizes supportive,
transformative community—Jesus’s answer to the pre-eminent question, “What good thing must
I do to have eternal life?” Through inspired community and empowered outworking, people
encounter Jesus and are integrated together into new living temples (inns), mobilized into His
work. Each New Creation Inn leverages effective Silicon Valley team processes, and a project-
based learning experience focuses users on the manifest presence of Jesus while undertaking
an in-depth exploration of the new creation.
This talk will introduce the inn-building process and include a live “shared discernment”
segment—a preferred tool for hearing from Jesus together in unity.

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