The Secret to be Courageously Kind – Lavinia Harjono

When was the last time you sincerely compliment a stranger?
When was the last time you thanked the janitor and the mailman?
When was the last time you shared a smile with that difficult co-worker at your office?
In a world full of busyness, we are often drawn to “mind our own business”.
It’s easy to forget the idea that small but persistent action of kindness is as impactful as the big
ones. Even when we know kindness is good (and the bibles also tell us so), why aren’t we
courageously enough to do it?
Why does complementing, saying thank you, or even sharing a smile feels ‘awkward’?
Last year Lavinia had the opportunity to start a new project called ’31 days of Kindness’ in which
she challenge myself to go out of her comfort zone and do random acts of kindness. Through
this experience, she found the secret to overcome fear in acting out in kindness.
Through this Passion Talk, she will be sharing her findings which will help us make a difference
in the world, one act of kindness at time.

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