Transforming a Dysfunctional Singles Culture – Kevin Paterson

In America and beyond, a cultural perfect storm has arisen against healthy relationships,
causing more and more adults to delay marriage, or not marry at all. Recent statistics indicate
that among adults over 18, singles are fast becoming the majority. This cultural assault on
Christian pre-marriage is reflected in the church, with single adults comprising 70% or more of
some churches.
Most of these Christian singles want to date and marry, but don’t know how to overcome the
many hindrances on this relational journey. In a largely marriage-and- family-focused church
culture today, many believers and church leaders aren’t sure how to minister to all these
In this talk, Kevin will outline the cultural trends and challenges highlighted by the growing
population of single adults. He also uncovers effective strategies for bringing transformation to
the worldview and mindsets of single adults so that they can begin enjoying the healthy
relationships that will help empower their work success and impact on the world.

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