On Meaning: About the Foolish Confounding the Wise – Julia Choi

For anyone who has hiked to enjoy a gorgeous view, or savored a delicious meal, there is sense of beauty and goodness left on our memories and palates. We will explore this sense of wonder, which may at times seem to reach something beyond the merely physical or measurable, with topics including: a crown-shaped family of molecules found in blood and wine, word study of Hebrew words from the Scriptures and meaning, rest (and how wandering minds are linked with unhappiness), the deeper spiritual principle illustrated by clean v. unclean foods, creation, diversity, and human value (of logic and Adam/Eve).

In many aspects of human civilization, there are assigned forms of value that may at times seem arbitrary (e.g., time value of money, socioeconomic factors), and this exploration aims to point to the presence of a much less arbitrary value system. Through the lens of a foolish layperson (not a Hebrew or biblical scholar, nor a renowned scientist), my hope is that this discussion about meaning will only whet your appetite, and stimulate further discussion about the “wonder of it all.”

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