His Heart for Art – Brittany Dorr

His Heart for Art is a non profit coffee and art space in which people will develop their ears to hear and their hearts to feel God’s love, mysteries and depth while using creativity, imagination and innovation to create a revival in hearts and our cities. I remember sitting in church a few years back […]

Danny Kim – How to get downloads from God

From the example of George Washington Carver who was able to get a “download” from God to innovate the secrets of the peanut, how can we as technology, business and education professionals get downloads from God? This session will provide personal examples from a 30 year old tech startup working with the largest companies in […]

Anna Stamborski – White ≠ Right:

The Problem With Marrying Your Culture and Theology and Steps to Broaden Your View on the Gospel and God The goal of this talk is two-fold. The first is to acknowledge the danger in masking a specific, culturally-biased theology as ‘mainstream’/’correct’ (i.e., euro-centric theology in America) and how a culturally-centric theology can stunt one’s relationship […]

Anthony Tolliver || June 2017

Sacramento Kings Forward Anthony Tolliver shares about his most important relationship- with Jesus. To view his Personal Play4HIm Page, check out: https://play4him.org/pages/anthony-to… (Visited 57 times, 1 visits today)

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