Danny Kim – How to get downloads from God

From the example of George Washington Carver who was able to get a “download” from God to innovate the secrets of the peanut, how can we as technology, business and education professionals get downloads from God? This session will provide personal examples from a 30 year old tech startup working with the largest companies in […]

DJ Soto – Virtual Reality Church

Avatars, Ministry, and the Future What does the future of faith look like? Can we imagine church existing in a new universe called virtual reality? Learn the story of Virtual Reality Church, the first church to exist entirely in VR. The goal of this presentation is to stir your imagination to the possibilities of integrating […]

Angelo Blancaflor – Authentic Online Witness

How an online writer’s group is forming life-changing friendships God has prepared a rich set of relationships with the people we meet in online communities, but investing in those relationships as real, significant parts of our lives is challenging. The first barrier is authenticity – how do we include our spiritual lives without breaking trust […]

Gabe Kanelopoulos – The Revival of Inventive Thought

Engineering design principles have sculpted the relationship between humans and nature since the dawn of existence. The practice of reverse engineering has sought to inform inventive thinking by understanding function in designed systems. Recently, new paradigms in design theory have also aided the analysis of complex natural systems. For instance, affordance-based reverse engineering helps to […]
Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 4.32.31 PMScience and Faith in Service – Daniel Yoo

Science and Faith in Service – Daniel Yoo

Lumynt brings professional scientists who are also Christian to low income students around the world to teach hands on science. While most Christian missionaries serve in childcare, construction, and medicine, our community of scientists desired to serve through their God given gifts. We desired to provide a space for these men and women of science […]

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