Alex Sung – Discovering Your Purpose

Discovering Your Purpose – Alex Sung

A life without purpose is a life without knowing who you truly are, what you were created to do, and how to make the most of the time you have. Without purpose, we become depressed, stressed, worried, and bored out of our minds. Come learn what both psychology and theology has to say about discovering […]

Delong Meng – Is any belief rational?

Belief in God is often seen as irrational because it requires a leap of faith. We ask a more basic question: is there any belief that is rational? We first document the evidence from psychology on confirmation bias, which shows that people actively look for information that justify their existing viewpoints and discard information that […]

Ted Hahs – How To Acknowledge & Eliminate Systemic Poverty

Jesus gave his followers a mission: “Go therefore and disciple nations.” The implications of this mission go far beyond just making disciples of individuals it is about bringing holistic sustainable positive transformation to the whole of society. Rather than just try to alleviate the symptoms of poverty we can and must change the entire system. […]

The Missional Tech Worker – Alex Shih

Isaiah 65 proclaims that God will reconcile all things, and His Kingdom will triumph by bringing redemptive blessing to every tongue and tribe. This is an encouragement to those of us in Silicon Valley. Technology has the potential to dignify, empower, and mobilize all people groups, especially the poor and disenfranchised. One of the most […]

DJ Soto – Virtual Reality Church

Avatars, Ministry, and the Future What does the future of faith look like? Can we imagine church existing in a new universe called virtual reality? Learn the story of Virtual Reality Church, the first church to exist entirely in VR. The goal of this presentation is to stir your imagination to the possibilities of integrating […]
Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 5.03.48 PMUnity: a history of race and the American Church and one woman’s story of moving from the old paradigm towards the new – Nicole Dickens

Unity: a history of race and the American Church and one woman’s story of moving from the old paradigm towards the new – Nicole Dickens

“11 am Sunday mornings is the most segregated time in America” Martin Luther King, Jr., 1960   “11 am Sunday mornings is STILL the most segregated time in America” Condoleezza Rice, 2017   Unity is something God expects of His Church. It is bred out of holiness – another thing He expects of His Church. […]

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